Friday, July 17, 2009

The Nike Golf Curse

The New York Times recently ran a story exploring golf clothing companies intricate planning of their sponsored golfers tournament attire.  According to the article,  Nike Golf will plan Tiger Woods attire a year and a half before the actual tournament. As a result, retailers will know what clothes to highlight during the week of a tournament. Additionally, Nike Golf can show what clothes Tiger is wearing on its own website. The hope is that those watching the tournament may be compelled to pick up a few of Tiger's threads as he stalks up the leaderboard. Having seen this for the last couple of years, I always felt that this approach of showing Tiger's Saturday and Sunday outfits long before he actually made the cut of the tournament was somewhat presumptuous since Tiger could presumably miss the cut. Granted, this is always unlikely given the fact that Tiger has only missed the cut in only two of his professional major appearances. Well, the unlikely looks to have occurred as Tiger now looks to have missed the cut at the British Open. Perhaps Tiger can wear his Saturday and Sunday outfits at the local Scottish plug.

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