Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Ying and Yang

Two game winning shot celebrations:  Lebron's 3-pointer against the Magic last night, Kobe's jumper against the Suns in the 2006 Playoffs.  Notice a difference?  One lets out his exuberance, the other lets out a scowl honed on the mean streets of ex-pat Italy and suburban Philadelphia.  Perhaps even more telling is each player's first instinct.  Upon realizing his shot had gone in, Lebron's first instinct is to turn towards his teammates and dash over to them.  He literally cannot wait to celebrate with his team.  Kobe, on the other hand, has turned to look at the other side of the floor (it's not even the Jack Nicholson side; perhaps he had beef with Doug Collins again that night).  He is basking in the tao of Kobe.  Had the Lakers bench not half heartedly mobbed Kobe, the Black Mamba might still be standing there.  Perhaps Kobe was trying to figure out what Jordan would do in the situation.  Well, Kobe I think late vintage Michael would do this:  
Very close, Kobe.  Don't get me started on the ridiculous heart pounding that ensued.  Two sets of players, two sets of priorities.  I don't care how Kobe seems in Spike's movie (others have well documented the "performance"), I haven't seen that much delusion since General Idi Amin Dada.  

See for yourself...

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