Saturday, June 20, 2009

Woody Allen sets eye on First Lady

Having already cast 2008's flavor of the year Slumdog Millionaire's Freida Pinto in his next London production, Woody Allen now has his eye on Carla Bruni. In Paris to promote his latest film, Whatever Works, Woody Allen could not stop gushing about the songstress. "I'm sure she would be wonderful," Allen explained through a translator.  "She has charisma and she performs, so she's not unknown to the audience, and I would cast her in many different ways." Bruni once had a brief cameo in Robert Altman's Pret-a-Porter so it's not as if she lacks experience with American Auteurs.

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  1. lol He's just a cradle robbing horndog w/ a fetish for the youngins - who happens to have an amazing knack for producing movies. (She is beautiful though....)